UK Suppliers of Copings Stones & Wall Coping

Natural stone copings offer a remarkable opportunity to elevate the visual charm of your surroundings. The unique texture and colour variations inherent in natural stone create a captivating and organic appearance, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any space.

Copings are the top course of a wall. They span the courses of a wall, to prevent water from getting inside the two skins of a wall. We also supply copings for use around swimming pools, with their characteristic smooth sloping section to drain water back into the pool to prevent slips. York stone has great slip resistance properties, which makes it the ideal stone to produce swimming pool copings from. Our natural stone copings can be supplied with a range finishes and in several colours. Flat, once or twice weathered, or chamfered copings protect the wall, whether it is brick or stone, and give an elegant and beautiful finish, whether traditional or contemporary.


Most copings are supplied plain-ended, but we also provide terminal ends, curved and sloping copings, and return sections, which can all be supplied once or twice throated. All of our copings are made to your exact specifications, so get in touch with our professional team to discuss your requirements today, by email or telephone.


We also supply pier caps and finials to match the copings.


Pier Caps

Pier caps, the jewels adorning the summits of your wall’s pillars, play a pivotal role in defining the overall allure of your wall. These caps bestow a polished and refined appearance, underscoring your attention to detail. Pier caps are available in an assortment of natural stone to match the copings, allowing you to curate a wall that radiates opulence and blends seamlessly with nature.



Finials, often perched at the apex of roofs, spires, or even fence posts, are the embodiment of architectural refinement. These ornamental elements not only add visual interest but also serve as a focal point that draws the eye upwards. Finials come in an array of shapes and designs, allowing you to customise your architectural masterpiece to suit your personal style.