Yorkstone Paving

Lancashire’s Leading Supplier of Yorkstone Paving

Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd supply diamond sawn yorkstone paving for civil engineering projects nationwide. Hover over the images to read more about the different cuts of stone paving.

  • Sawn Yorkstone Paving

    Sawn Yorkstone paving is available for immediate, nationwide delivery for building contractors and civil engineering companies.

  • Riven Yorkstone

    This has a riven surface, which is a rougher, more organic and natural surface finish, is formed when the slabs were created.

  • Tactile Paving

    There are 1 million partially sighted adults in the UK, having problems ranging from limited field of vision to total blindness.

  • Bullnosed Steps

    Yorkstone steps are a perfect choice for entrance ways, due to their unique benefits.

  • Reclaimed Yorkstone

    Reclaimed Yorkstone in various grades/qualities are always available.

  • Yorkstone Setts

    Yorkstone has been used since Roman times in forts, through Norman times in churches, and during the medieval time as castles.

We offer bespoke cutting and profiling to fulfil your requirements. All of our new Yorkstone can be made specifically to your needs, from sawn Yorkstone paving to bullnosed Yorkstone steps and matching risers.

If you’re not sure what kind of finish will be best for your project, then get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Yorkstone


Yorkstone is the best type of stone to produce paving slabs from. It has proved itself over the centuries to be extremely durable, even under heavy traffic and footfall. Yorkstone paving is strong, much stronger than other sandstones. This strength makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas, that it is exposed to in many towns and cities. Yorkstone paving is seen in heritage towns and cities around the country, from London to Edinburgh.


New Yorkstone is a natural product, and as such, it is very important to take into consideration the fact that it has variances in colour, markings and texture. This variance is what gives charm and character to the paving. Even with a smooth surface, like a sawn or riven finish, Yorkstone paving will remain slip resistant. This is as true for worn, reclaimed paving, as it is for new. Yorkstone flags are ideal for interior and exterior uses, including around swimming pools, as it is slip resistant, even if it gets wet.


Many people think that Yorkstone is buff/brown, but it comes in a huge range of colours, depending on it’s mineralogical content. Oranges, reds, blues and greys are all available, depending on the areas that the paving is sourced from. We can supply paving in a range of colours and finishes from light buffs to dark greys, that will complement any setting, from domestic driveways to traditional farmhouse to contemporary city properties to town centre regeneration schemes. For full colour details, get in touch with us.

For more information about or services or to place an order, please contact us.