Red Sandstone

UK Suppliers of Red Sandstone

Red sandstone is a sedimentary rock characterised by its reddish hues and is formed through the accumulation and compression of sand and minerals over millions of years. Its warm and earthy tones make it a sought-after material in both historical and contemporary architectural and landscaping projects.

140mm is one of the standard sizes for walling stone in the construction industry, and the most common on to supply. The constant 140mm height means wall ties line up with the course of the stone. We supply large quantities of sandstone walling in all sizes, in random or fixed lengths and several different colours, and finishes, from pitched face to punched, ashlar to tumbled, or dry stone walling stone.


Tumbled walling can be supplied in random sizes, and we can also supply this tumbled stone at a consistent 140mm, nationwide, in very large quantities. It arrives at our yard new, and then is put through the tumbling process to give an aged, reclaimed look.


Ashlar is sawn on six sides to give a perfect smooth finish to the wall. Skilled craftsmen produce our pitched walling stone by cutting traditional, hard, Lancashire Millstone Grit sandstone into the standard 140mm slabs, then cropping and dressing the stone using highly skilled masoning techniques, to give a classic and beautiful pitched face to the stone.


Lancashire is criss-crossed with dry stone walling. It is a classic feature of the British countryside, constructed without mortar or concrete, by interlocking stones, that hold themselves up without cement. More and more commonly seen used in new build development and landscaping and civil engineering projects to give a rural charm. Our dry stone walling comes in an earthy buff/tan colour, and is provided with a split or tumbled finish depending on your specifications. Samples are always available on request. Call us or email to find out more.