Dry Stone Walling

UK Suppliers of Dry Stone Walling

Dry stone walling is a celebration of human ingenuity and the enduring appeal of natural materials. Its ability to transform landscapes while leaving a minimal environmental footprint is a testament to its timelessness. By incorporating dry stone walls into your outdoor spaces, you’re not only embracing a heritage craft but also contributing to sustainable design that resonates with the beauty of the past and the needs of the future.

We sell new, drystone walling stone, available for immediate, nationwide delivery to civil engineers, building contractors and landscaping companies. Available in clean cut cropped face or tumbled finish. 100mm – 150mm bed thickness for cavity walling, bulk bagged, and supplied with our usual delivery terms and conditions. If you need further information or details, then get in touch with our friendly experts, who will guide you through the process of selecting the best sandstone walling stone to choose for your project.



Imported stone, can rely upon the exploitation of labour to produce an extremely cheap product. The stone is transported halfway across the world, in bulk, to the UK, which adds environmental costs to the product.


Our stone is sourced from the UK, and not overseas.


We tumble our UK sourced stone, using modern methods, taking a material that would otherwise be used as landfill, and recycling it into a contemporary and classic building material. This ethical, and environmentally sustainable process recycles a previously wasted material, into a useful and useable consumable.