Bullnosed Yorkstone Steps

UK Suppliers of Bullnose York Stone Steps

Bullnosed Yorkstone steps are more than mere transitions from one level to another; they are a visual delight that seamlessly connects different areas of your outdoor space. The term “bullnosed” refers to the rounded, smooth edge of the steps, which not only adds an element of safety but also exudes a classic and refined look.

Bullnosed Yorkstone Steps

Yorkstone steps are a perfect choice for entrance ways, due to their unique benefits. Our Yorkstone steps are available in many different attractive colours, from honey to blue greys. Yorkstone step treads are traditionally given a bullnosed finish, but we can provide alternative finishes, half bullnose, pencil-nose or chamfered are among the most popular. We can supply the risers and copings to match.


Modern building techniques, and contemporary architecture have changed the development of the building industry. The use of natural, bespoke materials in construction has adapted, from it’s age old roots to the modern systems in use today.


Just as the construction industry has been required to adopt modern methods, so too has the design and production of natural materials in the modern world. The modern UK building and construction industry is more specialised than previous generations, with fewer natural quarries. Quarrying processes are more modern, and the materials are processed by giant saws, where the blocks are transformed into slabs. Secondary saws then cut it into it’s final desired shape. This process is used to create the sawn six sided, diamond sawn Yorkstone paving, that is so popular with building contractors, and civil engineers alike.

Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd provide some of the best quality Yorkstone paving that I've ever used ... I would whole-heartedly recommend them.

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