Tactile Paving

Suppliers of Tactile Yorkstone Paving

Tactile paving, often referred to as tactile indicators, is a system of textured ground surface indicators that can be detected by touch. These indicators play a critical role in assisting individuals with visual impairments, helping them navigate through public spaces safely and confidently.

There are 1 million partially sighted adults in the UK, having problems ranging from limited field of vision to total blindness. Visually impaired people can be more confident, if blister or corduroy paving has been used in the design and construction of our streetscapes.


Tactile paving surfaces allow people with sight problems to decide which action to take next in the absence of visual cues that most of us take for granted. A kerb upstand is the natural indicator of the edge of a pavement. But it is the accepted design model that a level or ramped kerb is used for pedestrian crossings. Tactile paving is used to indicate that the pavement and road are at the same level. Contrasts in colour can be used to indicate the transition to visually impaired people, who will also find cues under foot, with detectable changes of texture.


Tactile paving is used to inform visually impaired people about their environment, for example, blister paving as a warning at pedestrian crossings, or corduroy paving as a warning at the top and bottom of steps and ramps, railway station platform paving The Disabled Persons Act 1981 requires contractors and civil engineers to consider the needs of disabled persons when designing public pavements, by providing ramps at appropriate places.


We can supply corduroy and blister tactile paving in Yorkstone for town centre regeneration.

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