Door Surrounds

UK Suppliers of Door Surrounds

A defining feature of natural stone door surrounds is their remarkable ability to harmonise with diverse architectural styles. Whether your development embraces modern minimalism or classic opulence, these surrounds blend seamlessly, enhancing the structural finesse. Their adaptability ensures that they become an integral part of the property’s visual narrative, adding to its intrinsic charm.

Natural stone door surrounds are masonry that enclose a doorway. Two long jambs, or jamb blocks and a central head form the entrance, into which the door casing is built.


The simplest door surrounds are made from square section stone, or they can be made from ornately carved sections, finished with a label mould over the top.


Beyond their practical role in framing doorways, natural stone door surrounds bring a touch of grandeur to architectural spaces. The commanding presence of these surrounds transforms a simple entrance into a captivating focal point, leaving a lasting impression on all who pass through. Whether gracing the entrance of a historic building or adding an air of opulence to contemporary designs, these door surrounds infuse spaces with a sense of prestige.