UK Suppliers of Quoins

We can supply quoins in a large range of sizes, shapes and finishes, from smooth sawn to L-shaped to pitch faced with drafted corners, or chamfered or beveled edges.

Quoins are the large square stones used at the corner of buildings. They add structural strength to building, and are beautiful to look at, and they also speed up the construction process, especially when building in natural stone, or rendered walls.

Benefits of Quoins

With their capacity to strengthen structures, improve attractiveness, speed up construction, and embrace variety, Quoins are essential elements in the world of excellent architecture.


Structural Resilience and Durability

Quoins play a pivotal role in fortifying the structural foundation. These stones, hewn from durable materials like natural stone, contribute significantly to a building’s stability and longevity. By withstanding external pressures and wear over time, Quoins act as guardians, ensuring the overall structural integrity remains intact.


Visual Charm and Artistic Flair

One of the most notable benefits of Quoins lies in their ability to elevate the aesthetics of a building’s facade. These stones, meticulously crafted and strategically placed, create an arresting visual impact. As sunlight plays upon their textured surfaces, and shadows accentuate their edges, Quoins transform into captivating pieces of architectural artwork, adding a touch of grandeur and sophistication to the building’s corners.


Streamlined Construction Processes

In projects involving natural stone or rendered walls, these stones offer a streamlined solution. Unlike traditional methods that involve intricate placement of smaller units, Quoins arrive as ready-made corner pieces. This expedites the construction process significantly, allowing for quicker assembly without compromising on quality or strength.


Versatility in Construction Styles

In natural stone constructions, they seamlessly blend in, enhancing the material’s inherent charm while bolstering its structural soundness. Similarly, when integrated into rendered wall constructions, Quoins break the monotony with their distinct presence, creating a timeless contrast against the smooth rendered surface.


Timeless Appeal and Lasting Impression

These cornerstones not only cater to the contemporary demands of construction but also pay homage to the architectural traditions of the past. Their presence leaves a lasting impression that transcends eras, bridging the gap between modern innovation and classic elegance.